Ambition Taekwondo Reviews

  • Jen K, Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    Ambition Taekwondo has been a wonderful thing for my family. I have 4 young children, all adopted with significant physical special needs. I put them into martial arts for self-defense, confidence and fitness. Master Ricardo has done an amazing job finding the balance between modifying techniques for their special needs when necessary, but also holding them to as high a standard as the other students. He is great with children, and mine love him. They enjoy coming to Taekwondo, even when class is hard, and they have accomplished things I never would have thought possible for them.

    Jen K
  • Jason B. , Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    Ambition Taekwondo is a great martial arts school for all levels. My son has been attending and training with Master Ricardo for the last few months and his teacher at school even noticed a difference in him after he started he was more focused and respectful at school after training with Master Ricardo.  Mater Ricardo is a good man and an excellent Martial Artists and Instructor who has a great knowledge of various Martial Arts since this is what he has done for a very long time. The Kids love him and I have even heard a few of them call him Master Yoda a few times. If you live in the area look no further and give Ambition Taekwondo a try.

    Jason B.
  • Paul M. , Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    Ambition Taekwondo is the best martial arts school I've trained at. I've been a student of Taekwondo for 15+ years and have studied under many Master instructors. Master Ricardo is the best. Whether you're a kid/teen just starting out, or an adult looking to further your training in Taekwondo, the Team at Ambition Taekwondo is doing it right. Master Ricardo is patient when teaching the curriculum, and firm regarding discipline and confidence building. If your looking for a great school to start or continue your Taekwondo education, look no further than Ambition Taekwondo!

    Paul M.
  • Nicole L. , Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    My son has been going here for a little over 5 months and he loves it!! Not only is he learning to defend himself he also has made some great friends. The staff, students, and families are all great people. I can't wait for my younger 2 boys to join as well!

    Nicole L.
  • Prem Q. , Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    I have been training with Master Ricardo at Ambition Taekwondo. I started as a white belt, now I'm a yellow belt it's been really fun the whole time. I strive to follow these 5 tenets, Courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and an indomitable spirit. This Taekwondo gym boosts your confidence, it also makes you feel that you accomplished something every day last but not least there are great deals. So I recommend you try this place out!

    Prem Q.
  • Gina J. , Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    My 6-year-old daughter has been coming here for 6 months and she loves it! Not only is she being taught Taekwondo, but she is learning to work hard and training her mind! It's great for the entire family!

    Gina J.
  • Daniel S. , Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    Great place to learn self-confidence and self-discipline! Teaching based on skill, not attendance!

    Daniel S.
  • Nate K. , Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    I have been attending classes at Ambition for a little over a year now. Master Ricardo and his staff are very knowledgeable and committed to being the best martial arts school that they can be. Where many martial arts schools tend to be "belt factories" that advance students to the next belt without truly challenging them, Ambition has a curriculum that teaches several aspects of Taekwondo from fitness to self-defense that make their students feel like they are getting a true education. Master Ricardo and staff are also great with all students from young children to adults of all ages and varying abilities. They want their students to succeed and it shows in the attention that they pay to each student. I'm glad that I discovered ambition not only because I feel like I'm learning from the best, but also because I feel like I have adopted a second family. Everyone here is friendly and encouraging. I highly recommend Ambition Taekwondo.

    Nate K.
  • Ann S. , Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    The instruction and the people are great!!!!!!!! I went to a traditional tkd school about 8 years ago and it does not even compare to the instruction I get at ambition tkd on self-defense, competition training, perseverance and respect. Plus its a tight community of people who care about each other.

    Ann S.
  • Jill L. , Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    I trained with Master Ricardo for five years. You will not regret this experience. His informative, empowering and fun classes will help you get in shape and feel great. It is also a wonderful way to do something together with your kids. If you are looking for a fun and challenging experience, there is no other instructor or school out there like Ambition. I can't wait to get back to Minnesota to get back in the gym and continue my training!

    Jill L.
  • Nipun V., Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    Excellent Place, Great atmosphere for kids to learn discipline and self-defense!

    Nipun V.
  • Mark L. , Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    My family has studied under Master Ricardo for quite a few years. He is one of the best if not the best instructors that we have ever had. He is very patient with kids and has taught my daughter a lot. As far as my wife and I go we feel that every time you go you get a great work out and learn every day. We have taken some time off, but as soon as we can we will be back.

    Mark L.
  • Julian S., Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    Master Richard Aquilera is an awesome instructor with a great school and love for TKD.

    Julian S.
  • Jen K. , Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    My four kids and I have trained here for several years and we all love it. The instruction is fantastic, which we especially appreciate because my kids have some special needs. Also, love the flexible schedule with unlimited classes included in a membership. Great workout, challenging but fun curriculum. Not even in the same league as other martial arts programs we've tried. Definitely the best. 

    Jen K.
  • Allen S. , Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    Ambition not only teaches self-defense but also common courtesy and respect! My two boys, 7/9, would respond with yes sir/ma’am and open doors for others during practice, but most importantly while in school and in public. Having a military background, it’s great to see that Ambition reinforces those values onto my boys. 

    It’s great to see that Ambition does not give belts away, like other taekwondo/Karate for just participating and paying into it. These young kids definitely have to earn them by continuous hard work/effort! 

    My boys push me to go to practice every day to work on what they have learned. They have also made many close friends at Ambition, including the two junior black belts which assist in making class exciting and fun! After the first week of Ambition, my boys told me their new goal is to become junior instructors. I told them it will take some time but that is what they want to achieve!

    Allen S.
  • Dave G. , Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    I've been training with Master Ricardo for several years. I feel I know him, his teaching and his business quite well. He has uncompromising standards and isn't afraid to make you sweat. His TKD knowledge is extraordinary, and if he senses the student cares and is doing their best, his patience is amazing. If you're lazy and want to stay that way, find another place. The posting on this site by "Jesus holey" is obviously spam and equally obviously posted by someone who has never watched him teach - and lacks the courage to put his or her name on their opinion. Try it yourself and judge for yourself!

    Dave G.
  • Justin Z. , Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    I have been at Ambition Taekwondo for a little more than a year with my family. My spouse signed up our two kids Luca and Ella almost two years ago and they loved the sport and the school from the start. Although initially, I wasn't looking to be in a martial art, my kids and Master Ricardo encouraged my spouse and me to join them in the class (and with the family discount that increases with each additional member, the cost was not an issue!). So we joined them. During the early months, I got to not only watch how the kids - not just mine but all of the kids - developed under Master Ricardo's guidance but I also got the enjoyment of learning with them. However, I didn't expect that I would also enjoy the sport as much as I do. Now my kids have progressed. We are now all in the adult class and my kids and I are on the sparring team. Master Ricardo manages to not only bring out the best of people with his classes but also he encourages you to go further. He's like my favorite teachers growing up: strict and demanding of his students but supportive of everyone who is willing to learn. Master Ricardo is a true athlete. His love of the life-changing power of Taekwondo is reflected in all of his classes.

    Justin Z.
  • Mollie M. , Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    Master Ricardo is very good with teaching children! And he has a special style that helps dummies like us who have never done this sort of thing learn and understand.

    Mollie M.
  • John B. , Ambition Taekwondo Testimonials

    My kids and I have been going to Ambition Taekwondo on and off for over a year (with interruptions for school and sports).  Master Ricardo has done a great job of teaching us everything from the practical to the theory behind it, and we've really enjoyed it.

    John B.

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