A Bad Day

Today was my first official bad day since I have started this journey to better health. As a die-hard perfectionist this was not a good experience for me. I woke up late because I had gone to bed very late (about 4:30am ), so when I got up at 10am I found myself in a haze of sleep deprivation, and my muscles were sore and achey. I had no energy.

However, I had a ton of stuff to do at the dojang so I got cleaned up and jumped in the truck and headed towards the gym. On the way there I stopped at McDonald’s and had a value meal from their breakfast menu… scarfed it down and went to the gym to try and catch up on the daily paperwork and such. So after a few hours of sitting around at my desk and a couple of classes taught, I went to lunch. Again I completely disregarded my meal plan and had a nice big sugary drink to wash it all down.

So at this point I had a holy crap moment, and I realized what I had done. Immediately my head flooded with thoughts of disappointment in myself for failing so miserably and so quickly since starting (by this point it has only been a week and a half).

After a few minutes of this negative self-loathing period, I had a couple more productive realization: First, this is something I had done in past attempts at getting in shape. I would do good for a few days or even a month, then I would have one bad day and start a chain of feeling sorry for myself that would culminate into returning to my old unhealthy habits. That brings me to my second realization: this is a habit. When you are trying to change a habit, your natural tendency is going to be to fall back into what you always do.

So with this knowledge, I had an opportunity to try and make a new habit of staying the course. The first thing to do is to try and stop the negativity in my mind that only hurts my progress and replace it with positive and motivating thoughts. Secondly, I am making a new commitment to try again tomorrow and making sure to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight so I can get up when I need to.

In doing this I am reminded of how I work with students in class that are struggling with certain techniques. After assessing what they need to fix, we start doing it over and over again until they have created a new habit. Also, I usually remind the students that it’s okay to have bad days, we just need to make sure that as we continue to move forward we should have more good days than bad. In this way we will always see good progress. It’s funny how the more I do this, the more I realize the importance of staying a student of your craft.

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