On Saturday we took six students to “Rumble at the Runestone” Tournament

On Saturday we took six students to the “Rumble at the Runestone” Tournament in Alexandria. Two of the six were competing for the first time ever, and for another two this would be their second tournament. They all did a great job! While preparing my meals for next week I was thinking about how the students performed. They not only fought well, but they conducted themselves with class and dignity. These students come in to every class, always do their best and put forth maximum effort, and it showed at this tournament. This is not only important to me as their instructor, but as a lifelong student of Taekwondo… and as someone who is trying to get back on track with my own training. I am in awe of how much progress these students have made as martial artists, but also as people of good character. Watching this kind of positive transition in another person’s life is a huge part of why I teach Taekwondo. There is no better reward or thank-you I can receive than watching them do great things with what little I have taught them. Now, as a student, I find myself inspired and reinvigorated to keep working towards my own goals. As an instructor, I could not be more proud of these students. Great job guys and gals! As always Pil Sung!

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