Kindess Challenge 2017

Bring some positive energy to your family, your neighborhood, and the world!

The purpose of the Kindness Challenge is not only to spread joy in the holiday season, but also to teach our children - and remind ourselves - that the season is not about STUFF. Some suggestions…

__1. Pay for the drink of the person in the car behind you

__2. Donate toys or books to a homeless or battered women’s shelter

__3. Take treats to your local police station

__4. Take treats to your local fire station

__5. Shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk

__6. Take food to a food bank

__7. Volunteer at Feed My Starving Children or soup kitchen

__8. Send a card to someone who needs it

__9. Learn about the holiday traditions of someone whose culture is different from yours. See if you can participate in one (making holiday treats, attending a service, etc).

__10. Send a card to your (or your child’s) teacher thanking them

__11. Do an extra chore for your sibling/parent

__12. Take a meal to someone in need

__13. Donate old blankets or dog toys to an animal shelter

__14. Donate a coat/gloves/mittens to a coat drive

__15. Make someone a handmade gift

__16. Take a food gift and card to a neighbor. Preferably one you don’t know, or the one you like the least.

__17. Serve your spouse/parent breakfast in bed

__18. Take a care package to someone who is sick with tissue, soup and NyQuil.

__19. Invite someone out for coffee who needs a friend

__20. Pick the most harried-looking person at the grocery store and give them a $5 coffee gift card

__21. Pay for someone’s things at the Dollar Store (most people spend less than $10)

__22. Let someone go ahead of you in line at a store checkout

__23. Make a bird feeder with your kids that can be left somewhere - pine cone with peanut butter rolled in birdseed - and leave them in trees while on a walk

__24. Send a card to a deployed soldier ( or something similar)

__25. Offer cleaning help to an older neighbor/relative

__Bonus: Buy a goat for a village ( or something similar)

__Bonus: Sponsor a child at an orphanage ( or something similar)

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