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  • 4 Big Benefits to Training During COVID-19

    4 Big Benefits to Training During COVID-19

    Quarantine is a time of change. It’s up to you as parents to define exactly what that change means for you and your family. If your young ones have been enrolled in martial arts classes that are no longer able to meet in person, now is an important time to think about the potential effects of your kids staying at home with no outside social activities. Keeping your kids active in their martial arts training is beneficial to their mental health during quarantine, as well as keeping their bodies active in a time of social distancing. Benefits of Physical Movement BOOSTING ENDORPHIN LEVELS IMPROVES FOCUS The benefits of physical activity are good for multiple kinds of health. Social ....

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  • My Daughters: Martial Artists

    My Daughters: Martial Artists

    Within the past few months, I have had the pleasure of watching three of my daughters test for big milestone belts in Taekwondo. My 12-year-old daughter Poppy tested for her 1st poom (junior black belt); my 13-year-old Maisy tested for her 2nd poom; and my almost 15-year-old Sunshine tested for her 2nd dan (adult black belt). I was (am!) unbelievably proud of my girls, and impressed not just by what they were able to do physically, but more especially by the grit and grace with which they approached the long and difficult test. I could go on and on about the tests, and the challenges the girls faced and completed on those days. But in reality the belts they came away with ....

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  • Thoughts on Testing

    Thoughts on Testing

    So the short version of the story is that I recently tested for my Kukkiwon 5th Dan and my Hyun Moo Kwan 6th Dan. I passed and now hold both ranks! The longer version is a little more complicated. There are many hats martial artists must wear in pursuit of their craft. In my case, I have always wanted to be the best martial artist that I can be. Like many others, I have wanted nothing less than to be the best martial artist in the world. While this goal has always eluded me, I can tell you that in taking on this endeavor I have learned a great deal, and met a plethora of amazing people who have helped me along the way. I have worn the hat of fighter, athlete, student, ....

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  • Talking to Kids About Personal Safety

    Talking to Kids About Personal Safety

    This week, Master Ricardo will be talking to the students about personal safety, and touching on some topics that might be a bit scary for kids (and parents!). In class, the discussion will be fairly brief and general, but the hope is that it would spark a more in-depth conversation at home between parents and children. Personal safety is on our minds right now as we send our kids back to school. Sending them out the door in the morning, to wait alone on the corner, can be scary for us as parents. And of course for us, being Minnesotans of a certain age, this time of year always brings up thoughts of Jacob Wetterling. That was the year in Minnesota that parents stopped letting their kids ....

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  • Confidence


    Here at Ambition Taekwondo, we don’t just teach kicks, punches and throws; we create martial artists. We want our students to be physically fit and strong, yes; but even more important is developing their inner strength, focus and confidence. From time to time, we like to share the “mat chat” discussions that Master Ricardo has with our students, in hopes that these topics might strike a chord with someone who isn’t out on the mat training with us. Recently Master Ricardo spoke to the classes about the relationship between ACCOMPLISHMENT and CONFIDENCE. He started with this example: Imagine a little baby learning how to walk. They’re not born knowing ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts and Adult Martial Arts Classes in Burnsville

    Check out our new website for Ambition Taekwondo!
    We proudly serve the Burnsville, Eagan, and Apple Valley areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Kids Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, Adaptive Martial Arts and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click below to visit us on our social media pages!! Facebook Google+ Instagram ....

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  • The Flying Monk

    In class this week, Master Ricardo told the students the story of the Flying Monk at the Shaolin Monastery. He reminded them that the Shaolin Monastery is a Buddhist temple in China. The monks who live there are “fighting monks,” which means that when they are not studying the Buddhist teachings or doing the chores around the monastery, they are training in martial arts. Much like we do here, they learn kicks and punches and throws and weapons. And unlike other stories kids hear about fairytales and superheroes, the Shaolin temple is a real place, and the fighting monks still train there even to this day. Now, many of the stories about Shaolin take the form of legends, ....

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  • The True Beginning

    In class recently, we talked about what it means to be a black belt. Master Ricardo asked the class, “What does it mean to be a black belt?” Right away several students raised their hands…. “It means you’re really good at Taekwondo.” “It means you know all the techniques.” “It means you’ll always win in a fight.” And to each response, Master Ricardo said no, that’s not it. Finally, one of the students preparing for her black belt test raised her hand and said, “It’s like the real beginning of your training.” Yes, he told the class. Everything you are learning from white until black belt is ....

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  • Teaching Students With Special Needs

    We sat down with Master Ricardo to talk about his experiences teaching students with special needs, in his 20+ year teaching career in martial arts.
    Q: First off, tell us about what kinds of special needs your students have had over the years.
    I’ve taught students with a variety of special needs, both physical and also cognitive or behavioral. Students with cerebral palsy, with missing limbs… students with one arm, no arms, prosthetic legs. I’ve had students at different places on the Autism spectrum. All the way from cases where it’s virtually unnoticeable to an outside observer (where you might just think the kid was a little shy or even bratty), all the ....

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  • Good in The Hood

    A little inspiration for the Kindness Challenge. Please read what this 10-year-old boy most wishes for this holiday season. Snacks, so he is not the only child without. Pokemon cards. Such simple things that our own children take for granted. These things can make a huge difference in the life of a child in a difficult situation. Consider sponsoring a child or family this holiday season. Locally, consider the non-profit Good in the ‘Hood : “Good in the ‘Hood takes great care in aligning families in need with the best potential sponsors based on their specific budgets and intentions. Sponsors have the option of assisting with the holiday gifts and meal of an ....

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