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Ambition Taekwondo

Excellence through Taekwondo

Welcome to Ambition Taekwondo, where we're helping people of all ages learn effective self-defense skills and stay active with exciting martial arts classes. Our training adheres to the tenets of Taekwondo, including Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and an Indomitable Spirit. We're here to help you enjoy staying fit and to keep you challenged week after week. With us, you can give each session your all and walk away with an incredible sense of accomplishment. No experience is required to train at Ambition. We maintain a supportive environment that is free of egos and intimidation. Check it out for yourself. Just fill out the short form to get started today!

Quality Instruction

Our Master Instructor has over 25 years of martial arts experience and actively teaches at every class. We pride ourselves on providing consistently excellent instruction.



Our black belts are certified through the Kukkiwon, the world headquarters of Taekwondo in Korea. The style of Taekwondo taught here is the same style practiced in the Olympic Games.


High Standards

At Ambition, belts must be earned by demonstrating mastery of the skills in our rigorous curriculum. Our school’s belt system is designed to motivate students to do their best and put forth effort in class.



You'll develop skills that are not just fun, but have real-world self-defense application. Our curriculum is designed to give students the self-confidence and knowledge to defend themselves.


Flexible Schedule

Your time is valuable! Our flexible schedule offers classes for kids and adults 6 days per week. Students can change days/times and attend as often as they like.

Kids Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts Burnsville

Adult Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts Burnsville

Adaptive Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts Burnsville

Develop Inner Focus, Lose Weight, And Be Confident

Meet our Instructors

Master Ricardo Aguilera

Ambition Taekwondo has been a wonderful thing for my family. I have 4 young children, all adopted with significant physical special needs. I put them into martial arts for self-defense, confidence and fitness. Master Ricardo has done an amazing job finding the balance between modifying techniques ....Read more

Jen K

Ambition Taekwondo is a great martial arts school for all levels. My son has been attending and training with Master Ricardo for the last few months and his teacher at school even noticed a difference in him after he started he was more focused and respectful at school after training with Master ....Read more

Jason B.

Ambition Taekwondo is the best martial arts school I've trained at. I've been a student of Taekwondo for 15+ years and have studied under many Master instructors. Master Ricardo is the best. Whether you're a kid/teen just starting out, or an adult looking to further your training in Taekwondo, the ....Read more

Paul M.

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